My symmetrical typeface
My manifesto on type began when I found myself being attracted to sans-serif typefaces such as Helvetica and Avenir. I used them heavily in my work due to their simplicity and clean lines. But I also used them because they had a sense of balance in their form – a symmetry to it. This manifesto thus follows symmetry and the history behind it in type, looking at what past typographers have said about symmetrical type, where it is seen in human nature and in principles of design. 
To showcase my thinking and present my manifesto I designed a perfectly symmetrical typeface - Axis - which I then used to design the various patterns within the publication. The pages were stitched symmetrically together to highlight my on-going “thread of thinking” that I had throughout my manifesto. 
I chose to use sans-serif type and a bright and bold colour pallete as I wanted to showcase that symmetry and perfect balance don’t have to be boring and predictable – one of the biggest criticisms of symmetrical type in history. 

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