This is a design piece of my self-discovery, taking a deeper look into my black-obsessed psyche and unlocking the mystery of the darkest colour.
The colour black has always intrigued me. I have loved it since the start of my creativity, and so, when I came across Vantablack: the newly scientifically produced blackest black, I decided to conduct a design study on it. 
The study took place over 5 detailed experiments, each with its own hypothesis, conclusion, article and accompanying data visualization which, in totality, made it a 130 page long detailed study of the colour black. It included looking at the meaning, history and abilities of black as a colour through both mine and others’ eyes. I asked myself why I have such an affiliation with a colour and why it has ruled my design work for so long. 
The design aesthetic incorporated inspiration from scientific studies and the typefaces were used to control the narrative of the study. The front cover design references the vertical carbon nano-tubes that make up the colour Vantablack and the binding execution was designed to mimic a filing system as to reference that my study on this colour will never be finite and that there are many more experiments and conclusions to be made about it.
Short video explaining the publication
Black - The study in it's entirety at my exhibition

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