Fe-modern-ism (noun)
a style or movement influenced by a female in the arts that aims to depart significantly from classical and traditional forms.
I researched the leaders of the Modernist movement and was surprised to find the majority of them were men. I researched deeper into the movement and came across the relatively unknown, humble and significant Modernist: Eileen Gray. I gave her the title of the first-ever Femodernist. 
The content includes breaking down Femodernism and defining the importance that Eileen Gray has shown me through her design aesthetic and principles. The Femodernist book showcases Eileen Gray’s iconic home: E1027. Each chapter encapsulates an element that Modernism and Eileen have taught me in combination with various angles and images of the home she designed. I designed and built each letter of the Femodernist work to showcase how the influence of her design and construction have inspired me. The front cover is thus built up in the two groundbreaking materials she used in her architecture: concrete and metal, which were revolutionary at the time. 

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